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How to Hire a Writer - Contracts and Agreements

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

You needed Writing help, looked for the right person, determined what you are looking for, interviewed, and are now ready to hire. These are your next steps.

Hiring a Technical Writer Medical Writer

Contracts and Agreements

After you have selected a writer and set a start date, you will need to sign a contract either with the Staffing Firm or directly with the writer.

What Should the Contract Include

  • Hourly Rate

  • Payment Terms

  • Confidentiality Protections

  • Insurance Requirements

  • Non-Disclosure Information

  • Job Deliverable expectations

  • Timesheet expectations

If you are working with a Staffing Agency/Third Party, your company may require the writer to sign his/her own NDA. Also, alert your company's Accounts Payable department to ensure it is prepared to handle the invoices in a timely manner. This may require PO approval and sharing the Account Payable information with the Staffing Agency for seamless invoicing.

In Closing

Even if you have never used a contract Technical Writer before, reading these posts from Writer Resource, you can be confident following their roadmap you will be hiring the right person to fulfill your requirements.


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