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Quality Visuals for Projects and Contracts

Hiring an Illustrator can be difficult because you don't know how the end visual will look, this is why Writer Resource has properly screened candidates to make sure they have the skill, know how to use the tool, and can deliver for an array of projects.

Graphical Illustration brings concepts, goods, and services to life more than ever before. Utilizing an Illustrator is a significant step toward introducing distinctive qualities of your business as well as ensuring that your documentation is easy to read and understand. Hiring an Illustrator with whom your company can collaborate for years to come is now something you can rely on Writer Resource for.

Freelance and Contract Technical Illustrator

Our talent can envision and craft truly outstanding concepts and visuals.

Graphic Design and Illustration

Illustrator Services

  • Technical Illustrations and Graphics

  • AutoCAD drawings

  • 3D animation

  • Logo Design

  • Engineering Illustrations

  • Photography


Hourly Rates for Technical Illustrators will vary depending on the industry, location, experience, and project.


Generally, we find rates to be around $65 to $95 per hour.

Ready to Hire an Illustrator?

We find the right people, the right time, the right location, the right industry experience, and at the right price.

Writer Resource is prideful of being reliable, effective, and efficient solutions for any documentation project or need.

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