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RFPs, RFQs, RFIs, Proposal Writing & Development

Writer Resource is a highly specialized provider of quality proposal writing services. Supporting clients in the engineering, construction, government, industrial, and technical industries with their proposal needs.

Take advantage of our experienced contractors and success proposal writing methods.

Do I need a professional Proposal Writer?

From the initial review to the creation and final delivery, Writer Resource's writers will ensure that your complicated proposal is handled efficiently and effectively.


Our writers are individually sourced for your project, industry, and proposal need. This ensures that our team will meet the requirements of your RFP, freeing up your time.

If you have a special requirement for a proposal writer, we can find resources that meet that particular need.

Government Proposal Writer

"Our proposal writers know the requirements. Those that are specific to various RFPs, both private and public, State and Federal."

Proposal Writing Picture

Proposal Writer Services

  • Proposal Responses 

  • RFQ, RFP, RFI, and more

  • Exact Industry experience desired

  • Custom proposal templates

  • Competitor bid research

  • Government Agency experience

  • Expert proposal process management

  • Increase your winning ratio

  • Government Documentation


Hourly Rates for Proposal Writers will vary depending on the industry, location, experience, and project.


Generally, we find rates to be around $85 to $150 per hour.

Ready to Hire a Proposal Writer?

We find the right people, the right time, the right location, the right industry experience, and at the right price.

Writer Resource is prideful of being reliable, effective, and efficient staffing solutions for any documentation project or need.

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