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Specialized service for your industry/trade/profession

Areas of Expertise

Documentation projects are industry-specific and so are we. 

Writer Resource has staffed professionals across numerous industries, quickly efficiently, on time, and on budget. We understand that your documentation is unique to your business and will work with you to find professionals just as unique to fit your needs. 


The healthcare industry has differentiating nuances because you want to ensure that you stay compliant and the content caters to the correct audience. This is why hiring the right expert is best to ensure that both of these consistently are true. From medical practices to hospitals to pharmacy companies, and unique brands we can render service.

Industrial Engineer


Do you need someone to write about construction? Renewable energy? Supply chain? Robotics? 3D printing? Regardless of your topic, we have subject matter experts that specialize in industrial writing. These writers have degrees in civil engineering and other technical fields, are passionate about the industry and/or have extensive experience writing about construction or supply chain

Coding Station

Information Technology

From network engineering, internet schema, hardware, software, application development, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, to the project management that supports it, we have writers, editors, and illustrators to support all of the documentation needed in this fast paced industry.

Team Meeting

Business Services

Business services can span from the operations (finance, economics, supply chain, IT, HR, etc.) to the services rendered to customers, and by leveraging Writer Resource, we're there to supply the resources as you scale. For small businesses, start ups, medium sized businesses to enterprise/Fortune 500 companies, we're your staffing agency.

Government Building Columns

Government and Utilities

Federal or state government, and utilities spanning electricity, natural gas, water, sewage, and other services to homes and businesses, we can provide the certified writers, security clearance holders (or eligible to obtain) and editors. Writer Resource understands the importance of having the correct resource to render important writing.

Checking the Temperature


Solid manufacturing writers understand what manufacturing managers, engineers, technicians, or what operators are responsible for and can write or update procedures, using very little of your SMEs time. They understand that accurate documentation is critical for training, operations, and reference, which is why Writer Resource has vetted the specific talent for this field.

Engineer Inspecting Gas Line

Oil & Gas

Oil and Gas (O&G) writers understand upstream, downstream, and midstream operations which allows them to produce technical documentation in support of it. From technical writing and drafting to communications, Writer Resource has an array of writers, editors, and illustrators to support the entire O&G field.

Dish Antenna


The telecommunications field is robust in that it includes internet service providers, mobile communications solutions, satellite companies, cable companies, and all of which are supported by Writer Resource telecommunications writers, editors, and illustrators.  Our talent will make it possible for you to position yourself as a top leader in the telecommunications industry.

Don't see your industry listed? Please contact us, as we have access to the best international talent and can find exactly what you need.

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