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Where to Look: Resources for Finding Contract Technical Writers.

Today, there is an abundance of resources to help you find a contract writer. Below are some of the best sources. Some of these can also be time consuming and expensive.

Hiring a Technical Medical Writer Editor

Where to Look?

  • National and Regional Resume Databases (Including Online Databases and Contracting Sites) – Some of the major ones are: Glassdoor, Indeed, Zip Recruiter, DICE, CareerBuilder, and Hot Jobs. The On-line Databases include:, and These can be labor-intensive and off-shore.

  • STC Job Board -- The Society for Technical Communication ( is a national job board created by Technical Writers with chapters in many of the major cities.

  • Online Ads – Ads are good for hiring permanent employees, but the results are usually resource-consuming and have long lead times, weeks to months.

  • Third-party Staffing Agencies – Most of these are generalists, IT staffing firms, or other technical staffing firms. However, some firms (such as Writer Resource, specialize in Technical Writers and maintain a large database of writers with professional technical writing expertise and experience.


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