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You Have Approval To Hire a Technical Writer...Now What?

The number of documentation projects have increased and you have a short-term project that needs a Technical Writer. Where to I start?

Finding a Technical Writer Medical Writer


Before you start your search, take time to create a good Job Description. Keep it simple! It does not need to be a formal document, simple, easy to read, and to the point is best.

What Should the Job Description Include

  • 1-3 Sentence Company introduction. Start with a brief company introduction and a review of the job, duration, and hour expectation.

  • High-level overview of the project need and deliverable(s) expected.

  • Technical Writer Responsibilities and expectations.

  • Work location, most are remote or a hybrid.

  • Resource needs such as software. Are you providing the licenses or will the consultant need their own copy?

  • Ideal background and skills - keep to the must haves and skip soft skills for now. Those can be identified during the interview.

  • Budget and/or preferred rate range.

Finalize the Job Description and Publish

Did you know that a Job Description should be factual and at the same time it needs to sell the opportunity? We all want to attract the most talented Technical Writers, Medical Writers, Editors, Training Developers and Illustrators. Take a moment at the end to review the Job Description before publication.


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